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Concerned your clients will only pay when pigs fly?

Well we’re here to help you bring home the bacon!


How it Works

Even with collections, you get more flies with honey. We’ve found that a softer approach still gets you paid without ruining your client relationship. We put in the hard work to collect without the harsh approach of a typical collections agency.

  1. You sign an agreement with us

  2. You send us the delinquent invoice (min. $5K) that you want help collecting on, along with some relevant information

  3. We begin to contact the delinquent party

  4. We regularly provide you with updates via email

  5. Once we secure payment from your client, you pay us 10% of the collected amount

  6. If we don’t collect within 6 months, you can either end the engagement with us or extend

It’s that simple!

Prior to getting help with collections, there are many things that you can do to get paid on time. Read some tips on how you can limit past due receivables.


We coordinate with your payroll provider or recommend one of our trusted payroll partners to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on-time and that payroll taxes are properly handled. We'll even take care of employee benefits and time-off.

Bill Pay

We handle all of your bill pay needs and provide you with the tools that help you simplify the accounts payable process.

Invoicing / Collections

Whether you invoice your customers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we handle accounts receivable on your schedule. Spend too much time following up with customers for payment? Let us help you collect past due invoices.

Financial Reporting

We provide a wide range of detailed reports so that you can stay on top of the financial performance and health of your business. Customized reporting is also available.

Other Services

Sales Tax FilingYear-End Tax Coordination, Job Costing, Project Tracking, Produce and e-file your annual vendor 1099's

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